I am Allwin, I live in Denmark and I am from Tamil Nadu, South India. This website is a place where, I write some of my thoughts and I like to share it with my like minded friends. I tend to write poems and thoughts that influence my faith and everyday life.

To give a small idea to be able to understand my writings, I think I should write about what I do in life.. I am in phase of life where I am exploring what are the values that drive people. I am personally aware that at many times, I want moral values to drive my life and I am curious about everyone around me and their stand on this.

I am big fan of not wasting material things, So you can find me active on ‘free your stuff copenhagen’ – an active things swap facebook group. I am also a keep swap market initiator.

I like cooking. When I realized that human values are highly necessary to solve issues of this world and I found the opportunity to bring them both together, I started One Bowl. One Bowl is Community kitchen without a set price food. There are many around the world and it’s fun to start it in Copenhagen.

I am quite a bicycle fan, mainly cause I like the fact that it’s a relatively simple machine compared to other modes of transport and it’s powered by human energy. I am on a silent quest on to see how far can it be a part of one’s life.

I’ve come to lay foundation for my thoughts on this website, that all content on this website should be classified based on these foundations.

  • Sustainability
  • political morality
  • unconditional love

and these are the titles for now.

after a little time has passed, grammar went to gutter, and cycling around has certainly on the verge of fading away and now quite slowed down.